08/29/2009 – Hillsboro, TN

Comfort and hospitality …. chores and lessons …. aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and lots of love. Singing and being silly. Laughing and tears. I had a wonderful childhood …. if only I could have shared this with my own children. My children had their own lives and experiences, but the memories are getting lost in my card catalog of a brain.


I remember seeing pictures of before me. What handsome people lived there. The ladies were elegant and had a soft happiness shining all around them. The men were staunch and mischievous all wrapped up in muscles and suits. When I was younger, I wondered if the people always looked that way; all dressed up.

Their eyes always smiled even though they held a tight lip for the photos. Their eyes told it all. I see me there and I see them when I glance in a mirror.