When I broke The Identity Guardian of Radical Passion down by definitions of the meanings I was overwhelmed. But then I realized, as a Mother, Sister, Daughter and Wife/Partner I have taken this identity a long time ago.

I have and still do support my children to do what makes them passionate about their lives. I am their biggest cheerleader and will always hold the ladder for their dreams. I keep the memories of their wonder and excitement of discovery as they have grown into adulthood.

I have always seen the strength and courage in my Brothers. Even when I did not always agree with them I recognized their right to their passions and paths. (I am pretty sure they think I tried to sabotage some of them, maybe I did at first out of jealousy.) I still have the memories of the triumphs in their lives I was privy to.

My first marriage was … a trial for both of us. In many ways, we failed each other, but in the most important passion, our children, we are in agreement. Our children are our passion that means the most from our union.

After waiting a few years I was found by a man who loves me and wants to protect me with all of his being … and I let him. I have learned through the years that to allow another to love you completely and you to return that love completely you have to give everything. The good of you, the sad of you, the angry of you, and the hurt/damaged of you.

Through all of this, I have realized how much love and protection my parents gave me and my brothers as we made our way through our trials of life.

When I was younger I fought with my Mother every chance I could to prove my intelligence; yes that is rather oxymoronic, but I digress. One day after a rather bitter battle my Daddy came to me after he had, to my great shock, taken her side in an argument we both knew I was “right” about. His words to me gave me a new vision of how my world needed to change and rewrite my vision of my future. That is a discussion for another day.

My Daddy told me, “Grace, you are and will always be my Princess, but your Mother is and will always be my Queen.”

To the end, their relationship amazed me.

I found my Knight/King also years later. Well, he found me. I was ready to just live; I and my Knight live with gratitude and respect for each other. Day to Day we are grateful for the life we live and the people that have helped shape our lives.